Yakuza – Sutra (Review)

Yakuza - SutraThis is the seventh album from US avant-garde/experimental doom band Yakuza.

Sutra is a 54-minute journey into the unexpected and the atypical. Few genre tags will do this justice, so I’ve settled on avant-garde doom, which is vague enough to be relevant, so why not. Whatever you call them, Yakuza have provided a multifaceted metal album that’s diverse and enjoyable. Continue reading “Yakuza – Sutra (Review)”

Orme – Orme (Review)

Orme - OrmeOrme are a doom/drone band from the UK and this is their debut album.

Orme, (featuring a member of Everest Queen), play long-form droning doom, and on their debut album they haven’t held back. Orme only has two tracks, but there’s still 96 minutes of music here. Nazarene is 42 minutes long and Onward to Sarnath is 54 minutes long. Either one of these would have sufficed as the band’s debut album, but apparently Orme don’t do things by halves. Continue reading “Orme – Orme (Review)”

Green Yeti – Necropolitan (Review)

Green Yeti - NecropolitanGreen Yeti are a Greek psychedelic doom metal band and this is their third album.

Yes folks, it’s time for a new Green Yeti album. If you have had your fill of 2016’s The Yeti Has Landed and 2017’s Desert Snow and are eager for new material, the 44 minutes of Necropolitan has finally landed. Continue reading “Green Yeti – Necropolitan (Review)”

Rezn – Solace (Review)

Rezn - SolaceThis is the fourth album from US psychedelic doom/stoner band Rezn.

Rezn’s sound combines the base elements of stoner, doom, and heavy psych into music that is far more adventurous and idiosyncratic than that of many ostensibly similar acts. For a start, there’s a shimmering shoegaze influence apparent on Solace that’s unexpected, but that manages to work its way into much of the material here. Continue reading “Rezn – Solace (Review)”

Obelyskkh – The Ultimate Grace of God (Review)

Obelyskkh - The Ultimate Grace of GodThis is the fifth album from German doom metallers Obelyskkh.

Ahh, finally Obelyskkh have returned to dispense mammoth-sized doom to the masses. The Providence came out in 2017, which was an age ago, and 2013’s Hymn to Pan was even further back in the mists of time. So, what do Obelyskkh have to offer in 2023? Continue reading “Obelyskkh – The Ultimate Grace of God (Review)”

Lord of Confusion – Evil Mystery (Review)

Lord of Confusion - Evil MysteryThis is the debut album from Lord of Confusion, a Portuguese doom metal band.

Evil Mystery contains 45 minutes of psychedelic doom, replete with macabre keyboards and funereal dirges aplenty. This is one for fans of Electric Wizard, Dead Witches, and Windhand. Continue reading “Lord of Confusion – Evil Mystery (Review)”

Assumption – Hadean Tides (Review)

Assumption - Hadean TidesThis is the second album from Italian death/doom band Assumption.

Following on from 2014’s The Three Appearances and 2018’s AbsconditusHadean Tides contains 56 minutes of new material from Assumption. Continue reading “Assumption – Hadean Tides (Review)”

MWWB – The Harvest (Review)

MWWB - The HarvestFormerly known as Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, MWWB are a Welsh doom metal band and this is their fourth album.

I do enjoy MWWB’s work, (Y Proffwyd Dwyll, the band’s split with Slomatics, and Yn Ol I Annwn are all highly recommended), so was pleased when The Harvest manifested itself to me. Continue reading “MWWB – The Harvest (Review)”

Wasteland Coven/Nothing Is Real – Turmoil – Split (Review)

Wasteland Coven Nothing Is Real - Turmoil - SplitWasteland Coven and Nothing Is Real are both doom metal bands from the US, and they have teamed up for this split.

We’ve met Wasteland Coven previously on their very good debut EP Ruined. On this split they offer up three new tracks lasting 19 minutes. Continue reading “Wasteland Coven/Nothing Is Real – Turmoil – Split (Review)”