Half Gramme of Soma – Groove Is Black (Review)

Half Gramme of SomaHalf Gramme of Soma are a Greek stoner rock band and this is their second album.

After 2014’s highly enjoyable EP Marche au Noir, Groove Is Black is a well-received album by yours truly.

With a voice full of earthy character and easy charisma, the singer dominates proceeding whenever he’s making his delightful noises. The music is equally important, of course, but he certainly has a lot of presence.

Although loosely a stoner rock band, Half Gramme of Soma take their music wider than this so that the songs on Groove Is Black operate in various different rock sub-styles as the album progresses.

There’s a decent amount of diversity shown on this release, and sometimes within the individual songs themselves. It’s not all about rocking out to big riffs, (although there’s plenty of that, don’t worry), as there’s enough introspection and softer moments to engage too.

Half Gramme of Soma definitely know how to write a good tune. The songs here are memorable, and have a lot of catchy hooks, melodies, and choruses spread across them.

It’s great to hear the band’s new material, and I think that Groove Is Black probably contains their strongest material to date.

Very highly recommended.

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