Palehorse/Palerider – Burial Songs (Review)

Palehorse/PaleriderThis is the debut album from US doom band Palehorse/Palerider.

This is a rich, textured release that combines psychedelic doom, post-rock, and shoegaze to create involving soundscapes. Described as doomgaze, the appellation is apt.

The tracks on this album build, release, ebb, and flow across the playing time with ease. Palehorse/Palerider clearly have a talent for crafting slow-building atmosphere, and Burial Songs is full of 40 minutes of music that does just that.

Each song slowly unfolds like a piece of art that’s being gradually explored. The feeling of depth and emotional weight in the music is immense, and each individual song works perfectly in its own right as well as when taken as a whole package.

Ethereal singing slots so perfectly into the fabric of the sumptuous music that it almost seems like another instrument; merely another layer to be added to the music’s composition and character.

There’s an ephemeral beauty in these songs, despite their length. The feeling that the band have managed to capture something quintessentially important about life’s deep value is strong, but so is the feeling of loss when the music ends and those luxurious feelings that the band so carefully crafted over the album’s playing time are lost. Of course, that just gives the listener one more reason to play Burial Songs again.

Breathtaking in scope and flawless in delivery, this is a highly accomplished piece of work.

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