Game Zero – Rise (Review)

Game ZeroGame Zero are a hard rock band from Italy and this is their debut album.

Game Zero play an entertaining blend of rock and metal, one that sees them adopt a hard rocking edge with melodic vocals.

The singer has a good voice, belting out verses and choruses with melodic conviction.

There are some decent riffs on this release, and the band obviously have an ear for a good tune. There’s plenty of meaty rhythm guitars and well-played solos for the listener to sink their teeth into.

The songs are memorable ones, with plenty of hooks and good ideas. They’re mostly quite short and to the point, with the general style being one of the old-school brought up-to-date with a modern bite and production.

I like that the rocking riffs are added to now and again by some harder metal ones, providing the songs with a decent amount of content. These tracks are very easy to digest, but there’s enough creativity and passion on display to satiate. There’s also a nice amount of variety throughout the album, with the majority of the songs standing strong on their own and being easily identifiable in their own right.

I enjoyed this. For a spot of European hard rock, Rise is a solid and satisfying album.

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