Half Gramme of Soma – Marche au Noir (Review)

Half Gramme Of SomaHalf Gramme of Soma are from Greece and play Hard/Stoner Rock. This is their latest EP, their second release.

Half Gramme Of Soma have a sound that rolls out of the speakers with earthen grit and a confident gait.

This EP has a warm sound that makes the guitars come alive with a glorious fuzziness. The production is top notch and thankfully the songs match the sonic quality levels.

The singer’s voice is all gravel and character. He has a powerful voice that’s like a slightly dirtier version of the singer of Disturbed. It sounds great and the performance level is always high.

These songs speak of a confident band who know what they want to do and know exactly how to go about achieving their goals. These are very mature compositions that may sit neatly in the Stoner Rock genre but also borrow from others, such as Hard Rock, Modern Metal and Doom.

This refusal to play entirely by the Stoner template works entirely in their favour and as such Marche au Noir has a lot of different flavours across its 5 tracks. From the upbeat opener Marche, to the jaunty/doomy juxtaposition of Hitch Hike and the crowning centrepiece Cage, this EP has more to offer in 5 songs than most bands of this ilk do in 10.

Marche au Noir is a decent length EP at 25 minutes that showcases the band’s ample talents.

Definitely a recommended listen.

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