Dead Soul Alliance – Slaves to the Apocalypse (Review)

Dead Soul AllianceDead Soul Alliance are a Canadian death metal band and this is their third EP.

This is 25 minutes of old-school death metal, fashioned after the 90s era.

The songs are heavy and thick, full of beefy guitars, a decent amount of speed and blast beats, and no small amount of melody. A mix of USDM and Swedish influences can be heard throughout the tracks, and the band combine the two together quite nicely.

The slower/mid-paced riffs are full of heavy grooves and relentless weight, while the faster sections are direct and forceful. It seems that whatever Dead Soul Alliance try their hand at, they do it with the knowledge and expertise of true devotees of the style.

There are some nice added touches to the songs too – samples, bass-breaks, melodic solos – the latter being especially good, creating some macabre atmospheres along with the rhythm guitars.

Vocally we’re in roaring monster territory, and as soon as the first song starts it’s clear that their singer can hold his own in the death metal killing pits.

Slaves to the Apocalypse is a very solid outing for Dead Soul Alliance. The songs are written well and show a good appreciation of structure, dynamics, and flow.

When the band eventually put out their first full length I’ll definitely be interested in hearing it.

A recommended listen.

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