Diluvium Europa 2019 Tour – First Fragment/Allegaeon/Fallujah/Obscura – Manchester Rebellion, 07/02/19 (Live Review)

Diluvium Europa 2019 Tour - First Fragment Allegaeon Fallujah Obscura – Manchester Rebellion Live Review

So, who’s up for a night of unbridled technical brutality? Everyone in attendance at Rebellion tonight, that’s who. With a lineup like this, who can blame them?

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Interview with Allegaeon

Allegaeon Header

Have you heard Allegaeon’s latest album Proponent for Sentience yet? If you haven’t, then you really, really should. It’s that good. It’s also one of those very pleasing records that just gets better the more you listen to it. With each spin you notice and appreciate different things about the songs, and you wonder how you didn’t notice them the first time around.

Hmm, there’s clearly some form of black magic going on here. Or, as we’ll see, maybe some high-tech shenanigans are afoot…

Introduce us to Allegaeon

Well we’re a 5 piece modern melodic death metal band, originally out of Fort Collins Colorado, but now out of Denver. Riley McShane on Vocals, Michael Stancel and myself (Greg Burgess) on guitar, Brandon Park on drums, and Corey Archuleta on bass.

What are your influences?

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Allegaeon – Proponent for Sentience (Review)

AllegaeonThis is the fourth album from US death metallers Allegaeon.

This is an ambitious, epic release; 72 minutes of science fiction-themed grandeur and technical aggression.

The band’s music is technical, melodic death metal that features a lot of engaging content and some quite virtuoso playing. For a band like this, the level of technicality on display is always going to be high, but Allegaeon never Continue reading