Devils Reef – Chosen by the Sea (Review)

Devils Reef - Chosen by the SeaThis is the debut album from Devils Reef, a death metal band from the US.

Chosen by the Sea contains 35 minutes of death metal that incorporates elements from both technical and thrash metal.

The core of the band is a modern death metal one, with plenty of crunchy groove and ferocious riffs. A clear thrash influence can be felt in some of these riffs too, especially when the music speeds up. Occasional technical flourishes are added to this, and these are most welcome. The technical side of the band enhances the music without overwhelming it, making for an album that’s on the more accessible side for this sort of thing. There are even some progressive parts here and there, adding to the decent variety of delivery on offer on Chosen by the Sea.

The Devils Reef style – mixing groove/thrash metal with technical death metal – is not one that’s undertaken too commonly, and the band are to be commended for this. Even better though is that they’re very competent at this style and have produced a record that combines the former’s accessible nature with the latter’s ability to add colour and depth to extreme music.

There’s a lot of promise and potential on Chosen by the Sea. It’s also an enjoyable release in its own right, of course, and I recommend checking it out, as it has much to offer the discerning death metal fan.

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