River Black – River Black (Review)

River BlackThis is the debut album from River Black, a metal/hardcore band from the US.

Featuring current and ex-members of bands such as Municipal Waste, Burnt by the Sun, and Revocation, River Black already have a wealth of experience in them. Additionally, with the multiple members Continue reading


Interview with Revocation

Revocation Logo

Revocation’s sixth album Great Is Our Sin is soon to be unleashed on the world and will be sure to reinforce the band’s already top-notch reputation for quality metal. As such, it seems an appropriate time to delve a little bit more into the world of Revocation. So, put on Great Is Our Sin, turn the volume up and listen to what David Davidson has to say…

Introduce us to Revocation!

Hello! Dave here, we’ve been a band since 2006 and we’re released 5 albums and 1 E.P. in our 10 year history through a couple of different labels. Currently we’re signed to Metal Blade Records and we’re about to release our 6th full length record “Great is Our Sin” on July 22nd.

What are your influences?

We’re influenced by a lot of different death and thrash metal bands primarily, but we also draw inspiration from black metal and prog bands. Some specific groups that have influenced us over the years include Martyr, Gorguts, Cannibal Corpse, Dark Angel, Megadeth and Exhorder just to name a few. Personally speaking I also listen to a lot of jazz and classical music so that definitely has an effect on my writing style as well. Continue reading

Revocation – Great Is Our Sin (Review)

RevocationThis is the sixth album from Revocation, a US death/thrash metal band.

Revocation have been steadily building a solid reputation for themselves over the years, and when you look at their latest release it’s easy to see why.

Here we have a band that combines death metal, thrash metal, technicality and even a bit of Continue reading

Hybrid Sheep – Free From the Clutches of Gods (Review)

Hybrid SheepHybrid Sheep are from France and this is their début album. They play Deathcore.

This is state-of-the-art Deathcore with a massive sound and a crisp method of attack.

Hybrid Sheep play their style in the vein of bands like All Shall Perish and Acrania. A few Metalcore influences from the likes of Lamb of God and As I Lay Dying are thrown in also, as well as some Modern Death Metal similar to bands like Revocation and The Black Dahlia Murder.

If you’re not a fan of this modern style of Extreme Metal then Hybrid Sheep are unlikely to convince you, but if you are then Free From the Clutches of Gods has enough meat to satisfy that’s for sure.

This is a well played and produced album with lots of heaviness, melodies, aggressive riffs, blasting and breakdowns. I find this style very easy listening in the sense that if you’re in the mood you can just stick a band like this on and start bouncing around like a maniac. As you do.

Just listening to this now I can’t help but have a little wobble around in my seat. Always the sign of a good listen.

The songs are enjoyable and satisfyingly aggressive. The standard alternation between deep growls and high screams is done well and there’s plenty of guitar widdling included with the heavy riffs.

Hybrid Sheep have produced an enjoyable album of Deathcore. Check them out.