Allegaeon – Apoptosis (Review)

Allegaeon - ApoptosisThis is the fifth album from US death metallers Allegaeon.

This is the eagerly awaited follow up to 2016’s Proponent for Sentience, and what a follow up it is. Apoptosis ramps up the band’s impact to maximum and delivers an extremely impressive record.

This is a progressive death metal tour de force, one that nimbly incorporates elements of the technical and melodic styles into itself with ease. The band’s songwriting still has the same base of skill and talent that they have developed thus far, but on Apoptosis this has been further expanded to included other ideas and creative flourishes that have been absent in the past. Allegaeon in 2019 are more than happy with who they are, and are looking to grow even more.

This is also a darker album in feel, but sometimes subtly so. The band’s energetic progressive/melodic technicality and infectious riffs are all in place and recognisably Allegaeon, but there’s an underlying darkness that can be felt in places that’s a bit deeper and more comprehensive in feel than in the past. For a band that have always had more than enough depth and substance to satisfy, this just adds more of it.

The vocals, already highly proficient on Proponent for Sentience, have taken a confident step forward. Displaying more personality and range than before, the singer has fully stepped into his role and dominates with a strong presence.

Intelligently crafted and very well-written, yet also emotionally satisfying and compelling, Apoptosis is Allegaeon at their best.

Essential listening for extreme metal fans everywhere.

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