Beyond Grace – Our Kingdom Undone (Review)

Beyond Grace - Our Kingdom UndoneThis is the second album from UK death metallers Beyond Grace.

2014’s Monstrous showed buckets of promise, which 2017’s debut album Seekers delivered upon. It’s now 2021 and Beyond Grace have returned with 47 minutes of new material. Is the time well spent? Continue reading “Beyond Grace – Our Kingdom Undone (Review)”

Beyond Grace – Seekers (Review)

Beyond GraceThis is the debut album from UK death metal act Beyond Grace.

It seems like ages since 2014’s Monstrous was unleashed on the world, showing much promise for the future. Well, that promise has now appeared and coalesced in the form of Seekers. Continue reading “Beyond Grace – Seekers (Review)”

Beyond Grace – Monstrous (Review)

Beyond GraceComing from the UK Beyond Grace are a Death Metal band.

This is a short EP at only 13 minutes, but the 3 tracks it contains act as a good showcase for the band.

The band boast a solid sound that’s warm, fleshy and organic. The songs seem to drip with biological waste and an unnerving feeling of unnatural life. It’s a very satisfying sound which hopefully they’ll replicate for future releases rather than it just being a happy accident.

The songs are well composed and far more interesting than just straight blast-fests. The band show a good understanding of rhythm and dynamics which makes the songs a pleasure to listen to.

The band feature brutality heavily on the agenda, but also find time to be on speaking terms with restraint and nuance. Solos make a welcome appearance and like everything else they’re played well.

The vocals are guttural grunts and high screams, both done well and work in tandem to fulfil the mission statement of the songs. The deeper vocals in particular are worthy of note, especially when they lock into a grinding groove with the guitars and almost seem to play off each other.

A highly recommended release from an extremely promising band that will probably release a blinder of a first album if they keep this up.