Dominicide – The Architecture of Oppression (Review)

Dominicide - The Architecture of OppressionThis is the latest EP from UK death/thrash metallers Dominicide.

This four track EP has a duration of 24 minutes and showcases Dominicide’s brand of modern metallic assault. The music mixes death and thrash metal, while also incorporating at various points across the EP elements of deathcore and even symphonic enhancements.

The band frequently adopt a technical approach, blending tech death influences into their sound. The songs rip and tear, and feature molten leads and fiery solos that enhance the core ferocity of the music. The songs are all on the longer side, but the time is used wisely to deliver enjoyable content that hits the spot nicely.

Each track is good, and it is clear that the band know how to handle this sort of material. They certainly have a handle on their riffcraft too. The Orchestraitors may be the obvious standout song, but all of the songs have their own strengths and things to recommend them. I particularly like the emotive intensity of Reincarnate, for example.

As modern metal goes it falls somewhere between (early) Trivium, Viscera, Allegaeon, and Revocation, and also has a touch of Gojira in places. At least, those are the bands that come to mind when I listen to The Architecture of Oppression.

The Architecture of Oppression is a strong EP from Dominicide. There is so much promise here. The band are already operating at a higher level than that of many larger, more experienced acts, so let’s hope that it doesn’t take long for the appropriate metal label to notice them. Regardless, The Architecture of Oppression is very enjoyable and I heartily recommend it for all fans of modern heaviness.

Don’t miss out on this.

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