Green Yeti – Necropolitan (Review)

Green Yeti - NecropolitanGreen Yeti are a Greek psychedelic doom metal band and this is their third album.

Yes folks, it’s time for a new Green Yeti album. If you have had your fill of 2016’s The Yeti Has Landed and 2017’s Desert Snow and are eager for new material, the 44 minutes of Necropolitan has finally landed.

Necropolitan goes down smooth like the finest of wines. It’s intoxicating in its trippy psychedelia, leading the listener on a feverish otherworldly journey through larger than life characters and worlds constructed from colourful riffs.

Oh my, the Green Yeti groove is simply irresistible. Try not too move as the band throw out riff upon riff of the good stuff. You just can’t. Infectious and gripping, the band show mastery of the psychedelic stoner doom style that I’ve always found to be disproportionately enjoyable. Green Yeti rock, and rock hard. And the bass! Oh the glorious bass…it adds a lot to the music’s hypnotic groove.

Having said all of that, the moments of sheer heaviness on Necropolitan are not actually as omnipresent as you might expect. The songs are more textured on this new album, allowing the listener to explore their psychedelic depths and progressive expressions at length. Despite how good Green Yeti undeniably are at unleashing heavy groove, there is actually more to Necropolitan than just riffs. Nuance and atmospheric worldbuilding have a big part to play on the album too, making for a well-rounded experience that’s hard to put down.

The new Green Yeti album is a triumph, and it’s great to have the band back and on top form. If you’re a fan of the style then you won’t want to miss out on this multicoloured treat.

Very highly recommended.


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