Autopsy – Puncturing the Grotesque (Review)

AutopsyAutopsy are a veteran US death metal band and this is their latest EP.

Very few come close to the gloriously filthy death metal of Autopsy. Marking a meaty 30 years of the band’s existence, this seven track EP is 24 minutes of gruesome fun and infectious sickness.

This is old-school death metal in the band’s classic, inimitable style, (although many try). Autopsy’s music is shot through with both ugly doom and virulent punk, providing a brutal, groovy framework for the band to operate in.

Despite their legacy and age, Autopsy have always been somewhat of underground underdogs when compared to other bands of similar pedigree. In some ways you can see why, as this is grisly, dirty stuff; Autopsy aren’t interested in being pretty or polished. However, that doesn’t mean they’re lacking in quality, and the music on Puncturing the Grotesque is of a high calibre indeed.

The style of these songs will be familiar to any Autopsy fan, and that’s no bad thing. It’s a hideously enjoyable collection of depravity and grossness, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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