Exalter – Persecution Automated (Review)

ExalterExalter are a thrash metal band from Bangladesh and this is their debut album.

Exalter’s 2016 release Obituary for the Living was a strong and confident blast of aggressive thrash, and Persecution Automated continues what they started on their earlier work. Continue reading


Mason – Impervious (Review)

MasonMason are an Australian thrash metal band and this is their second album.

Released in what now seems like a very long time ago, Mason’s debut album Warhead saw the light of day in 2013. As enjoyable as this was, the Mason of 2017 is a superior, streamlined killing machine. Continue reading

The Shape – The World Away (Review)

The ShapeThe Shape are a US metal band and this is their fourth album.

Mixing modern metal, metalcore, thrash metal, nu-metal, and groove metal into their sound, this is an enjoyable romp through a landscape that sees many different complementary influences touched upon. Continue reading

Killing Addiction – Shores of Oblivion (Review)

Killing AddictionThis is the latest EP from Killing Addiction, a death metal band from the US.

Having enjoyed their short-yet-brutal 2014 EP When Death Becomes an Art, it’s good to hear some new material from these veterans.

This EP is 15 minutes of classic, 90s-styled Continue reading

Kreator – Gods of Violence (Review)

KreatorKreator are a legendary thrash metal band from Germany that I very much doubt will need any real introduction. This is their fourteenth album.

Full disclosure – Kreator are one of my favourite bands. They have been, (and remain), one of the most consistently enjoyable thrash metal bands out there. Even at their weakest, (probably Cause for Conflict I’d say), their material is still stronger than that of most similar bands. And of course, when they’re at the Continue reading

Alkira – Klotho (Review)

AlkiraAlkira are a thrash metal band from Australia and this is their second album.

You may recall Alkira from their 2014 debut album Juggernaut. This was a very enjoyable slab of aggressive thrash metal that I especially enjoyed as it seemed at the time that so much of thrash was doing the retro/ironic/humour/whatever version of the style, which is largely not for me; Alkira were, (and are), somewhat of a panacea for this. Continue reading