Funeral Leech – Death Meditation (Review)

Funeral Leech - Death MeditationFuneral Leech are a death/doom metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

With a name like Funeral Leech how could you not want to check out Death Meditation? That’s certainly what made me pay attention to them. It’s paid off too, as Funeral Leech have not disappointed.

Funeral Leech take an old-school approach to death/doom, playing slow and mournful doom with occasional uptempo elements that fit nicely into death metal’s macabre arenas. Of course, practically there’s less distinction, and the songs incorporate aspects of both styles, leaning towards old-school death metal more than they don’t, I suppose.

The music is heavy and immediate, while also having longer lasting atmosphere and melody. If you imagine a band like Bolt Thrower, only darker and doomier, then you’ll have an idea of Funeral Leech’s line of work. They’re very good at their job too.

The songs are well-written and demonstrate a band that know what they’re doing with the style. There may be doom in these songs, but their heart is one of death metal, and the two work together to provide us with six very gratifying and enjoyable tracks.

The singer has a very satisfying growl. It’s deep and malignant enough to sound like it’s going to swallow you, yet still human-sounding enough to have character. We also occasionally get some chant-like cleans thrown into the mix, which is an unexpected treat. These help add further atmosphere, and are rightfully used sparingly so as to not dilute their effectiveness.

Funeral Leech have impressed on Death Meditation, and I heartily recommend this for all fans of morbid old-school death metal.

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