Gatecreeper – Sonoran Depravation (Review)

GatecreeperThis is the debut album from this US death metal band.

Gatecreeper play old-school death metal with an authentic and passionate delivery. It’s heavy, with a crushing atmosphere and songs that are more memorable than they probably have a right to be.

The band’s style mixes a bit of old-school Swedish-worship with some Bolt Thrower and Obituary-esque rolling groove to create a crushing example of why the classic death metal style will never truly die. For similar reasons, this and the latest release by Echelon make me a very happy bunny.

At only 31 minutes in length the album is short enough to grab your attention and hold it, but without things going on for too long and becoming stale. In this way Gatecreeper make much more of an impact than if they had padded out the album with another 15 minutes or so of material. What’s here is extremely good, and that’s enough.

Sonoran Depravation is simple and effective. The songs hit the mark with the crushing impact of a ballistic missile, and the entire package is a top-quality one. The deep growls, the heavy riffs, the macabre melodies and the sense of timeless aggression are all pitched at just the right level, making for a very enjoyable album indeed.

If you’re in the mood for the old-school then it’s hard to not recommend this. Have a listen.

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