Horrified – Sentinel (Review)

Horrified - SentinelThis is the latest release by UK melodic death metallers Horrified.

We last met Horrified in 2017 with Allure of the Fallen, which was the band’s crowning achievement after the pleasing progression between the old-school nastiness of Descent into Putridity and the shinier, slicker Of Despair.

This new mini-album contains 31 minutes of death metal that’s once again melodic and progressive, but with the latter part of the band’s sound featuring more prominently than ever. On Sentinel it’s clear that Horrified feel very confident in their own skins, and are happy writing songs that marry a few different ingredients into their engaging and enjoyable blend of deathliness.

The songs are full of lively riffs and vibrant melodies. Wandering bass is well-used, and the drums pound very satisfyingly. The vocals are ragged and unhinged, providing almost a counterpoint to the precision and clarity of the music. Horrified fuse all of these elements together with good songwriting and emotive glue. Although these songs are clearly influenced by the progressive side of Death, this is not exclusively so; other influences can be heard, including classic metal in some of the leads and galloping rhythms.

Sentinel is a release that should please any fan of melodic/progressive death metal. Horrified seem to be just getting better and better with age, and Sentinel stands proudly alongside Allure of the Fallen as a first-rate piece of work.

Very highly recommended.

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