Unaussprechlichen Kulten – Keziah Lilith Medea (Chapter X) (Review)

Unaussprechlichen KultenUnaussprechlichen Kulten are a death metal band from Chile and this is their fourth album.

This is dark, Lovecraft-inspired death metal from a band we’ve met before with 2014’s wickedly enjoyable Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath.

I was wondering how they could top such a monstrosity of an album, but it seems that they have managed to do this with ease. Continue reading

Necroven – Primordial Subjugation (Review)

NecrovenThis is the second album from Spanish death metallers Necroven.

Necroven worship at the altar of old-school death metal and serve up Primordial Subjugation with a visceral assault on the senses. Aggressive 90s death metal styles are smashed together at high speed to create 36 minutes of music that’s a joyful ride through everything dark, macabre and brutal. Continue reading

Lago/Calm Hatchery – Split (Review)

Lago Calm HatcheryHere we have a short split between death metallers Lago and Calm Hatchery, from the US and Poland, respectively.

Lago’s 2014 album Tyranny was an album that had a kind of darkly melodic brutality to it. It saw the band balance their style somewhere between the old-school and the new, to great effect. Continue reading

Bestial Deform – …Ad Leones (Review)

Bestial DeformThis is the fifth album from Bestial Deform, a Russian death metal band.

Bestial Deform were created in 1990, so it’s safe to say they have a lot of experience playing death metal. This is their first album since 2005 and features both new songs and older ones that have been re-recorded.

The band play a Continue reading

Enthrallment – Eugenic Wombs (Review)

EnthrallmentThis is the fifth album from Bulgarian Death Metal band Enthrallment.

After enjoying their fourth album The Voice of Human Perversity very much, the band now return with a new offering and 37 minutes of Death Metal to make your ears bleed.

Taking influence from the kind of twisted Death Metal that Immolation do so well, Enthrallment spend their time on this album fusing brutality with dark melody.

The album has a very clean, serpentine sound; lean and ready to strike. All instruments are clear, (including the bass), and everything is balanced and gets a chance to shine.

The singer’s deep growls are very effective and are really well performed. Although it’s impossible to discern what he’s saying, they have an emotive quality to them nonetheless that works well with the darkly expressive music.

Enthrallment have written a collection of songs that go further than the pure brutality of a lot of their peers. Frequent usage of interesting leads, solos and snatches of warped melodies make for tracks that have a lot of depth and nuance to them. There are also some very tasty, (and sometimes quite atypical), riffs here too. Just check out Last Judgment Waltz for a great example of this.

Very enjoyable stuff – five albums in and Enthrallment have their style nailed down.

Against the Plagues – Purified Through Devastation (Review)

Against the PlaguesAgainst the Plagues are a US Death Metal band and this is their third album.

Featuring a crushing and professional sound, Against the Plagues play Death Metal mixed with lashings of Melodic Black Metal.

Deep growls and higher screams are the singer’s weapons of choice, with both sounding feral and full of hatred.

The band manage to take the savagery of Death Metal and infuse it with the melodic poison of Black Metal’s dark soul. This mixture means that Purified Through Devastation contains a good deal of catchy and memorable content. It’s not all blasting and brutality, (although they’re quite adept at that too), and these songs have quite a bit of atmosphere when they want to. Think a combination of Immolation, Morbid Angel and The Kennedy Veil crossed with Dimmu Borgir.

The muscular sound backs up the innate strength of the songs and subtle keyboards add a nuanced juxtaposition against the bare brutality of the drums and aggressive riffs. Mood and feeling is created with melodic workouts and the band can get quite martial and epic in scope on occasion.

It’s a modern take on Blackened Death Metal that sees the band highlighting the glossier, state-of-the-art side of both genres, resulting in a well-polished album that is also very well crafted. The band clearly know what they do and do it well. As Extreme Metal goes in 2015, this is a definite winner in my book.

This is an album that spits venom and fire, one that I’m more than happy to visit again and again. I suggest you do too.

Voros – Diseased Deity (Review)

VorosVoros are a Death Metal band from Australia and this is their début album.

If heavy Death Metal with good riffs and pacing is your thing then look no further. Voros feature a thorough approach to Death Metal that sees them take the Classic style and infuse it with a modern energy.

Believe it or not, but Diseased Deity covers a lot of bases;  Death, Thrash, Progressive, Technical and Modern Metal are all thrown into the blender and feed into this Death Metal feast.

The vocals are savage shouts full of anger and hatred which seem to lash out of the music like diseased barbs. The singer has a touch of the Meshuggah about him, giving his voice a different edge to that of the normal Death Metal vocalist.

The songs are well-written and see the band showing off what they do, whether it’s riff-hungry, mid-paced Thrashing, faster complexity or blasting destruction.

I like the combination of older and modern influences that give this a feel of Lamb of God and Gojira conspiring together to cover Morbid Angel, Death and Immolation tracks. It’s a really good way to approach this album; modern fire with tried-and-tested Old-School steel. On Diseased Deity it all comes together perfectly and the songs are an interesting, varied and engaging vision of what the band want to achieve.

The various influences work together very well to produce an album that takes from several different styles, with the band having enough skill and talent to make it all their own. Diseased Deity is very impressive and these songs have both immediate appeal and longevity of delivery.

This is a great find. I recommend you get hold of this immediately.

Inexorable – Sea of Dead Consciousness (Review)

InexorableThis is the latest EP from German Death Metallers Inexorable.

For Death Metal that’s dark, obscure and worrying, look no further. Operating in the netherworld of the deep Death Metal underground, Inexorable are like a gathering storm, ready to rage and destroy in dense, murky fits of violence.

Their last EP Morte Sola was a disconcerting journey into the abyss, and this is much the same only further down into the maelstrom. I described them on that release as Mayhem gone Death Metal, and I’d stick to that on Sea of Dead Consciousness.

Vocally the singer doesn’t really do a very good job of convincing us he’s human and I see no real reason not to believe he’s actually some daemonic entity. I’m pretty sure that every time I play this EP a rift to Hell gets slightly wider somewhere, but that’s the price we pay for good music, eh?

The EP offers us three originals and three covers. Of the covers, we get Mayhem, (fitting), Immolation and Mysticum. The original Inexorable tracks are terrifying and disturbing, and the cover versions are stamped with the crippling malevolence of Inexorable’s dark vision. It may not sound it, but that’s a compliment and all three are reimagined in grimmest glory.

So have they progressed from Morte Sola? Yes. Speaking plainly, Sea of Dead Consciousness is the superior release. The songs are more fully-realised and confidently performed. They were good before, but here they’re even better.

When they eventually release their first full-length album you can be sure I’ll be queuing up to get at it. After all, that rift to Hell isn’t going to open itself is it?