Nails – You Will Never Be One of Us (Review)

NailsThis is the third album from this US grindcore band.

Nails are an intense band. On You Will Never Be One of Us they take a grindcore base and add elements of hardcore and sludge metal into the mix, flawlessly creating a 22 minute album that wipes the floor with most of the competition.

The band’s dense, thick sound is almost physical, and played loudly enough is capable of knocking people down. They still have that heavy Swedish sound to the guitars, with this sounding even more solid than ever.

Full of hatred, disdain and pure venom, these tracks spit, claw and vomit their contempt for all to see. The singer is rage and destruction made flesh, brutally shouting and screaming his way through these, (mostly), short songs.

You Will Never Be One of Us shows Nails on top form, blasting and tearing their way through the playing time. Whether the band are playing fast, throwing out blast beats or dropping huge grooves, all of their output is deliciously lethal and committed to ugliness and malice.

The final song They Come Crawling Back sees the band changing things up slightly. At 8 minutes in length it’s by far the longest track here, makes up an entire third of the album, and demonstrates that they have the talent and conviction to push genre boundaries with ease.

Honestly, this release has so many strengths it’s just silly. I defy any fan of brutal, heavy music to dislike this. With their third album, Nails have produced an absolute stormer.


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