Sørgelig – Apostate (Review)

SørgeligSørgelig are a Greek black metal band and this is their debut album.

Featuring members of the very enjoyable Isolert, Apostate offers us 37 minutes of raw, misanthropic darkness.

Taking influence from the Scandinavian second wave, Sørgelig sound so authentic in what they do that you could easily imagine this album being released back then.

Razor-sharp riffs that are as cold as ice and just as potentially lethal saw out of the speakers with jagged intensity and evil intent. Bleak, dark melodies are everywhere you look, slicing through the airwaves like knives. Malignant groove appears here and there, swamping the listener in blackness.

The vocals are very high-pitched and needle thin, savagely cutting through the music with anguished despair and frosted venom. There’s a depressive black metal edge to some of the vocals too, which is a nice touch.

Listening to Apostate is like travelling back in a time machine to the 90s. Sørgelig really do have the sound completely nailed. There’s more on offer here than mere nostaligia, however, as this is a band that clearly know what they are doing with material like this. Both the songwriting and the delivery is completely on point, and I can’t help but have fallen for Sørgelig’s frozen charms.

All of the songs are very enjoyable, but everything seems to naturally lead up to the album’s crowning achievement, (and my favourite track here), the 12-minute epic The Last Day, the Last Breath.

I highly recommend you take the time to listen to what Sørgelig have to offer, as Apostate is well worth a listen.

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