Sidious – Temporal (Review)

Sidious - TemporalThis is the second album by Sidious, a UK black metal band.

Sidious made a strong impression on me with their debut album Revealed in Profane Splendour, and now that it’s finally time to get some new material from them, they have changed almost completely. Now I’ve heard their new album, I’m actually somewhat surprised Continue reading


Voëmmr – O Ovnh Intot Adr Mordrb (Review)

Voemmr - O ovnh intot adr mordrbVoëmmr are a black metal band from Portugal and this is their second album.

This is raw, underground black metal that’s rooted firmly in the 1990s, but that hasn’t gone down a copycat route. Dark and aggressive, but also expressive and emotive, this is music to get lost in a violent trance too. Continue reading

Siete Lagunas – I & II (Review)

Siete LagunasSiete Lagunas are a Colombian black metal band and this release contains their first two demos.

Siete Lagunas combine raw back metal songs – short and caustic – with moments of experimental noise and minimal ambience. Containing 10 tracks and lasting a total of 23 minutes, this is a nasty underground release that will appeal to the connoisseurs of the style out there. Continue reading