Isolert – No Hope, No Light…Only Death (Review)

IsolertIsolert are a Greek Black Metal band and this is their début album.

Their previous demo, Isolated Soul, was one that I enjoyed, and the song Empty Memory (Hate for Mankind) has made it from that release onto this one.

The band play Scandinavian-styled Black Metal. Since their first demo they have doubled in size to a four-piece, which only seems to have bolstered their abilities. This music is confident and assured Black Metal that takes its strengths from what has come before and bends it to its dark will.

Isolert know how to play fast and how to include lots of tasty blackened melodies when they do so. Pleasingly, this is not a one-dimensional release and each song has something different to offer, whether that be speedy melodics, slower progressions, brutality and darkness, or extended atmospheres.

The songs are well-written, have some nice variety within the stylistic limits of underground Black Metal, and have a good combination of frozen harshness and melodic colour.

The singer’s vocal range seems expanded too. High-pitched screams are de rigueur, of course, but he also occasionally slips into commanding shouts and other vocalisations.

I’ve really enjoyed this. If well-composed underground Black Metal with melodic tendencies and a dark heart is your thing, then the début album from this Greek group is 30 minutes of misanthropy you will want to experience.

Give them a listen.

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