Thecodontion – Jurassic (Review)

Thecodontion - JurassicThecodontion are a black metal band from Italy and this is their second release.

Thecodontion first appeared on my metallic radar with their self-titled debut demo at the start of 2018. It immediately blew me away. I had to find out more. Feral and ugly, consisting of prehistoric-themes and guitar-less bass-driven, mayhem, it was a real shot of belligerent adrenaline. Continue reading “Thecodontion – Jurassic (Review)”

Thecodontion – Thecodontia (Review)

ThecodontionThecodontion are a black metal band from Italy and this is their debut demo.

At only 13 minutes in length, the duration of this demo is still enough to get across the sheer blackened fury of the band. This is intense stuff. Continue reading “Thecodontion – Thecodontia (Review)”

Hegemony – Demo MMXVI (Review)

HegemonyThis is the debut demo from Hegemony, a blackened death metal band from the US.

This is ugly, ugly stuff. Raw black metal is mixed with bestial, underground death metal to create the kind of twisted, chaotic mindfuck that would make Revenge proud.

The delivery and performance on Continue reading “Hegemony – Demo MMXVI (Review)”