Minenwerfer/1914 – Ich hatt einen Kameraden – Split (Review)

Minenwerfer 1914This is a split between black metallers Minenwerfer from the US and Ukrainian blackened death/doom band 1914.

First up we have Minenwerfer, with 21 minutes of fast and barbaric black metal.

Their side of the split contains four tracks; 3 originals and a re-recording of a song off their debut demo.

I haven’t encountered either of these bands before, but with a member of Lycus in Minenwerfer’s ranks, (also ex-member of the brutal Plague Widow to boot), I was eager to hear what they had to offer.

Minenwerfer open things up with a pitch-black sound and a guitar tone that sounds as thick as tar. The controlled chaos is filtered through a ferocious lens of speed and savage vocals that barely sound human.

The songs rage in a twisted blur of restrained chaos and blackened bile. Dark riffs barely contain the horror of warfare while the drummer lets loose his anger and hatred on his poor drum kit.

The final track offers something a little different, showing a few other colours of the band, (all of them black), with a 9 minute song that’s probably my favourite here.

I must say that I really enjoyed this. The frenzied vocals and the savage, ugly music work wonders for jaded ears. Pure black metal darkness.

We now move onto 1914, who give us to 23 minutes of blackened doom.

Their split contains four tracks; 3 originals and a remix of a song off their 2015 album Eschatology of War.

In contrast to Minenwerfer, 1914 are a much more considered and refined proposition, when set against the former’s atavistic rawness. 1914 have more nuance and texture to their sound, although that doesn’t mean they’re adverse to the odd blistering blast beat when the mood takes them.

Deep growls form the bulk of the vocals, with high-pitched screams backing these up for further emphasis.

The music has the emotive streak that’s present in all good doom/death, with emotive riffs and colourful melodies that are tainted and warped by a blackened influence that infects everything like a disease.

These black metal elements fully earn the band the blackened epithet attached to their genre tag, ensuring that their tracks are infused with darkness alongside the more shaded delivery of the doom parts of their music and the brutality of the deep vocals.

Capable of light subtlety as well as full-on heavy nastiness, 1914 give a good account of themselves across these 23 minutes, showing a band capable and willing to use atmosphere and depth as weapons in their sonic war.

The remix track is a mangled, industrial affair. I don’t know the original, but this is enjoyable enough as far as remixes go, sounding suitably martial and apocalyptic.

A very enjoyable split between two bands that share a theme and some elements of their sound, but are largely quite different beasts.

Definitely check this out.

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