Somnium Nox – Terra Inanis (Review)

Somnium NoxThis is the debut album from Australian atmospheric black metal band Somnium Nox.

Terra Inanis is the follow up to the band’s very enjoyable first release Apocrypha.

Somnium Nox ably create extended atmospheric scenes set to dark music. Sonically the band have taken quite a few steps forward since Apocrypha, and Terra Inanis has a wide, full, strong sound.

Very high pitched screams tear out from the abyss like frosted knives in the darkness. Oh yes, this is what we like.

Dissonant harmonies meet with crushing intensity, light acoustics meet with raging chaos, and soft atmospherics meet with blackened misery. Terra Inanis is an album that has a lot going on across the all-too-brief playing time; we get three songs around the 9-10 minute mark. It’s a shame they didn’t add another, as what’s here is very impressive and enjoyable indeed.

Keyboards are used well across the release; they’re noticeable enough to enhance the music, but subtle enough not to get in the way of everything else.

The songs are full of grim textures and I like the apocalyptic atmospheres that the band create. These are in turn harsh or beguilingly soft, often both concurrently. Either way, the band weave an ominous and haunting tapestry.

Somnium Nox have followed up on their early promise with a very enjoyable and well-crafted piece of blackened art. All hail!

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