Pig’s Blood – A Flock Slaughtered (Review)

Pig's Blood - A Flock SlaughteredThis is the second album from Pig’s Blood, a death metal band from the US.

Here we have 32 minutes of raw, underground death metal, dripping with filth and agony and reeking of unholy energies. This is brutal, gnarled, and thoroughly evil.

God, this is visceral, heart-pumping stuff. Utterly unconcerned with any form of niceties, frills, or embellishments, Pig’s Blood rip into their material with glee, tearing out track after track of old-school death metal with the practised skill of the butcher.

A Flock Slaughtered is relentless and harsh, but hasn’t been created without thought or consideration. The songs are well-written and have a character that comes not only from their feral delivery and thick, meaty production, but also from their structuring and composition. As soon as the album starts you’re impressed by the sheer physical presence that the songs have, and this is backed up over multiple spins by a depth that belies their nasty, unfriendly nature. It’s also a relatively diverse listen for this sort of thing, as each song has its own preferred method of murder.

Pig’s Blood rampantly pillage some of the best tools from the rotting corpse of the old-school and use them in their war against the light. They do so in their own disgustingly violent way though, making for an album that sounds like Pig’s Blood first and foremost. You can certainly hear where their influences lie, but the band easily make them their own through force of will and talent.

A Flock Slaughtered is an easy album to listen to over and over again. Well, it is if you like getting your face obliterated by the band’s caustic attack, of course.

Pig’s Blood have made their mark with this. It’s a permanent scar, one to be brandished like a trophy that can also be used to bash skulls.

Very highly recommended.

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