1914 – The Blind Leading the Blind (Review)

1914 - The Blind Leading the Blind1914 are a Ukrainian blackened death/doom band and this is their second album.

I enjoy 1914’s work a lot, (check out Eschatology of War and their split with Minenwerfer, for example). With an appropriate concept for a band with this name, their latest creation is crushingly heavy and full of monolithic songs that devastate and destroy.

Featuring a good mix of doom, black metal, and death metal, as well as a helping of grim sludge, the music on this album is wide in variety and scope. Thick, monolithic riffs and forlorn melodies are unleashed with ease, as the music ranges from savagely fast, to brutally grooving intensity, to slow, brooding desolation.

This is the sound of a nightmare given a voice. The horror of warfare is easily apparent on this release, with the well-recorded and well-composed music being suitably emotive and ugly enough for the subject, and in the right ways that you would want from something like this.

The singer has a charismatic snarl that’s equal parts venom and acid. He’s reinforced on one track by the classic roar of the singer of Bolt Thrower, Just Before Dawn, Ursinne, Down Among the Dead Men, etc., which seems fitting for this sort of release, and works very well.

I’ve enjoyed witnessing this band progress over the years, and they seem to be going from strength to strength. This is 1914’s most professional, well-rounded, and effective release yet. It’s a compelling and highly impressive album, and I urge you to check it out.

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