1914 – Eschatology of War (Review)

1914This is the debut album from Ukrainian blackened death/doom band 1914.

I really enjoyed this band’s 2016 split with Minenwerfer, so thought it was time to catch up with their 2015 full-length album Eschatology of War.

With a World War I theme, Eschatology of War is a heavy, martial beast that relentlessly marches forwards overcoming all opposition with strength of numbers and a formidable will.

The music infuses old-school doom and death metal with a blackened feel that allows some real darkness into their sound. I like the way they mix the various styles. They can be stomping all over you with heavy riffs and crushing rhythms at one point, while smothering you with oppressive feedback the next, before blasting out some blackened melodies to finish you off.

The album relies both on engaging, moody atmosphere and huge, catchy riffs that capture the listener’s attention as if it was throwing live grenades at them.

This release ably showcases the real vision that 1914 have for their music. As mentioned above regarding the mix of styles; the band show off their ability to combine simplicity and complexity with ease. The songs make the most of their running time by merging simple riffs with deeper feeling, whether this is in the death, black or doom metal arenas. This diversity of delivery makes for a very interesting and enjoyable album, where pretty much all of the songs have their own personality and something a little different to offer the listener, all within 1914’s war metal framework, of course.

Eschatology of War is a very satisfying listen. Covering aspects of doom, death and black metal in a way that can make the band tricky to pigeonhole, 1914 have nonetheless produced a record that’s effective and enjoyable. With a quality recording that allows the music to breathe nicely, I’m really glad that I gave this album the time.

So get ready to step into the ugly theatre of war with 1914. It’s worth the risk.

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