Voidthrone – Spiritual War Tactics (Review)

VoidthroneVoidthrone are a US black metal band and this is their debut album.

Voidthrone play dissonant, uneasy, black metal with elements of doom and death metal mixed in.

If you smash together Ulcerate, Gorguts, Deathspell Omega and Wolvhammer and then Continue reading “Voidthrone – Spiritual War Tactics (Review)”

Sunless – Urraca (Review)

SunlessSunless are a progressive death metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Well, if this isn’t a twisting mass of complex nastiness. Urraca is 44 minutes of progressive/technical death metal full of dissonant, experimental and avant-garde stylings. Continue reading “Sunless – Urraca (Review)”

Ulcerate – Shrines of Paralysis (Review)

UlcerateUlcerate are a death metal band from New Zealand and this is their fifth album.

Ulcerate personify atypical progressive/technical death metal. They incorporate enough other styles and influences to be termed post-death metal in some respects, although they still have the requisite amount of aggression Continue reading “Ulcerate – Shrines of Paralysis (Review)”

Brood of Hatred – Skinless Agony (Review)

Brood of HatredBrood of Hatred are a Death Metal band from Tunisia.

Skinless Agony starts off creeping and crawling with thunderously deep vocals erupting all over the place. Brood of Hatred have some unconventional riffs in their sound and it’s much to their credit.

The production is flawless; no problems here. Every song is given the room to move that it requires, and the instruments couldn’t be clearer, (yes, even the bass is audible).

This is intelligent, atypical Death Metal with a proclivity for interesting and inventive guitar parts. If you think of bands such as Gorguts and Ulcerate, you’ll get the idea of the creative area Brood of Hatred inhabit.

Highly accomplished; the band have created songs with depth and individuality. The playing by all of the musicians involved is exemplary and the brutality of the singer’s guttural vocals anchors the album firmly in Death Metal territory even when the instruments are off exploring other areas.

For me this has been a wonderful discovery of an excellent band – make sure you discover them too.