Living Gate – Deathlust (Review)

Living Gate - DeathlustLiving Gate are an international death metal band and this is their debut EP.

Featuring members of bands such as Yob, Wiegedood, and Amenra, they bombard us with 18 minutes of old-school death metal.

Well-written and full of tasty riffs, these five songs are very moreish and satisfying. This is death metal clearly played by people with a love and understanding of the style. Each track has been constructed from a strong foundation of classic songwriting, and built on with the sort of guitarwork that keeps drawing you back for more. Although unashamedly old-school in nature, it’s delivered with an eye on what the current crop of old-school death metallers are doing too. As such, Deathlust is more than suitable for fans of bands such as Gatecreeper and Tomb Mold, as much as it is for adherents of the the golden era.

Despite the experience of the band members, this is a different proposition to their day jobs, and didn’t have to be this good. They obviously have a talent for it. If a brief EP is this enjoyable, I can’t wait for a full album.

Very highly recommended.

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