Anachronism – Meanders (Review)

Anachronism - MeandersAnachronism are a death metal band from Switzerland and this is their third album.

Meanders combines elements of the dissonant, progressive, and technical styles into a 33-minute behemoth of brutal exploratory soundscapes. If you’re a fan of bands such as Gorguts, Ulcerate, Artificial Brain, and Ad Nauseam, then this is for you.

The music is violent and intense. It’s layered with technicality and structured with intricate dynamics. The songs are frequently dense and complex, and the band’s musicianship is impressive. Sometimes the music’s dissonance is impenetrable and oppressive, whereas at others the levels of pure aggression on display are withering.

Amidst the carnage the heavy brutality is broken up in places by lighter, more spacious moments that provide respite from the dissonant heaviness. As an extension of this, the band’s progressive proclivities allow them to range across atmospheric vistas that are otherworldly and enticing, bridging the gap between heavy and light with mood-rich skill.

The songwriting is tight and precise, allowing for relatively brief songs that pack a lot of content into their running times. The album sounds really good, with a satisfying recording where everything sounds clear and distinct. The majority of the vocals are well-performed growls. The singer has a strong, monstrous voice, and her delivery fits in with the rest of the music very well.

Meanders is a strong example of dissonant death metal. It’s very enjoyable and easily rewards fans of the style with a meaty collection of songs that all have their own place in the album’s flow.

Highly recommended.


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