Heaven’s Damnation – Heaven’s Damnation (Review)

Heaven's Damnation - Heaven's DamnationThis is the debut album from Danish black/death metal band Heaven’s Damnation.

Featuring current and ex-members of bands such as Dysgnostic and Udånde, Heaven’s Damnation contains 28 minutes of ferocious blackened death metal. Continue reading “Heaven’s Damnation – Heaven’s Damnation (Review)”

Dysgnostic – Scar Echoes (Review)

Dysgnostic - Scar EchoesDysgnostic are a Danish death metal band and this is their debut album.

Do you remember the band Defilementory who released the 2014 album The Dismal Ascension? The question is relevant because Dysgnostic are Defilementory’s reincarnation. Apparently the band have changed their name to indicate a fresh start, but whatever the reason, Dysgnostic are now here, and they mean business. Continue reading “Dysgnostic – Scar Echoes (Review)”