Cobra the Impaler – Colossal Gods (Review)

Cobra the Impaler - Colossal GodsCobra the Impaler are a Belgian metal band and this is their debut album.

Colossal Gods boasts 42 minutes of charismatic metal. Taking elements from thrash, progressive, stoner, and heavy metal, Cobra the Impaler write songs that stick in the mind with their big hooks and big personality.

The mix of styles works well for the band. The songs are well-written and constructed around the classic song-based formula. They make good use of their various ingredients to present music that’s holistically-thought-through, yet strong enough for each track to exist in its own right. The band work well with an old-school framework that’s been given a contemporary sheen. A Mastodon influence can be heard, but not enough to detract from Cobra the Impaler’s own character. The band’s singer has a powerful and emotive voice that reminds of a mix between Mastodon and Doctor Smoke, and in places Alice in Chains and Devin Townsend.

With melodic hooks, catchy riffs, and vocals that are effective and moreish, Cobra the Impaler are a striking and enjoyable band. Pretty much every song is a winner, with an anthemic quality that’s impressive.

Colossal Gods is a strong album with good songs, tight performances, and so many hooks you could do yourself an injury. If you’re a fan of the metal styles mentioned above, then Cobra the Impaler are definitely one you should check out.

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