Dysgnostic – Scar Echoes (Review)

Dysgnostic - Scar EchoesDysgnostic are a Danish death metal band and this is their debut album.

Do you remember the band Defilementory who released the 2014 album The Dismal Ascension? The question is relevant because Dysgnostic are Defilementory’s reincarnation. Apparently the band have changed their name to indicate a fresh start, but whatever the reason, Dysgnostic are now here, and they mean business.

The promo blurb recommends this for fans of Ulcerate, Sunless, Aeviterne, Gorguts, Devenial Verdict, Norse, and Deathspell Omega, which should set the scene nicely for Dysgnostic’s music.

Scar Echoes is 44 minutes of dark death metal that incorporates dissonance, technicality, and atmosphere into its eight engaging songs. The album offers the listener something more than that of your average death metal band. Yes, you’ll find brutal riffs, harsh vocals, and ferocious drums, but you’ll also find here atmospheric song structures, emotional depth, and songwriting that balances harsh immediacy against mood-focused soundscapes very well.

Dysgnostic offer intelligently crafted death metal. These songs are each examples of a band forging death metal that’s dark and malignant, yet isn’t lacking in atmosphere. The technical ability of the band members is clearly apparent, but the music never hides behind this. The songs all have a purpose, which is the exploration of an absorbing mix of brutality, feeling, and textured heaviness. The music delivers a dissonant perspective on the style, (as can be inferred easily from the other bands mentioned above), but fuses this with a mood-based atmospheric approach that makes for a compelling listen. For all of the dissonant aspects on display, Dysgnostic don’t suffer from the impenetrably cold nature that can infect this sort of music.

Dysgnostic have created an impressive and highly enjoyable record. Scar Echoes is a cut above what most death metal acts seem capable of, and you need to spend some time with it.

Essential listening.

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