Embarla Firgasto – Temporal Capsule (Review)

Embarla Firgasto - Temporal CapsuleThis is the debut album from one-man Polish death metal band Embarla Firgasto.

Temporal Capsule offers up 31 minutes of dissonant blackened death metal. The artist claims influence from acts such as Deathspell Omega, Aosoth, Ulcerate, Gorguts, Leviathan, Convulsing, and VI, and this is a good place to start when approaching this album.

Honestly, this is really damn good stuff. From the very start of the record it just reeks of underground quality, and this impression is merely reinforced as the monstrous tracks unfold in all of their malevolent glory. Taking a complex approach to music that stops short of becoming impenetrable, Temporal Capsule is an intelligently-crafted slab of extreme metal, one that is hideously enjoyable.

Temporal Capsule is raw and harsh, but not without refined delivery. Indeed, a lot of thought and attention has duly been paid to these tracks, and this has paid off handsomely.

This is music that’s dark and menacing, balancing its black and death metal aspects well across the five engaging tracks. On the one hand you have grim dissonance, nightmare atmosphere, and shaded texture, and on the other you have caustic aggression, brutal intensity, and guttural death growls. Taken together they are woven into a blackened death metal tapestry that’s richly rendered in the sort of foul malignant colours that you rarely encounter in the wild.

The songwriting is involved and layered, while still retaining a visceral sense of aggression which serves it well. Throughout the album you will encounter a range of different creative ideas, interesting structures, and songwriting flourishes. There is harsh brutality, dense complexity, doom immersion, atmospheric absorption, melodic emotion, and blackened bite. The melodic and atmospheric potency of some parts of this record is startling. Temporal Capsule has a lot to offer fans of extreme metal, and it’s a record with many hidden depths.

Embarla Firgasto is clearly a rising star of the underground. If you are a fan of well-crafted and well-delivered black/death metal and yearn for something worthy to become obsessed with, then look no further than this. It would be criminal if this gem is overlooked and neglected, so make sure you check out Temporal Capsule as soon as you can.

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