Aborted – Maniacult (Review)

Aborted - ManiacultAborted are a death metal band from Belgium and this is their eleventh album.

Following on from 2018’s TerrorVision, the mighty Aborted have returned to bless us with horror once more. It’s always good to hear new Aborted, and on Maniacult the band deliver with great skill 41 minutes of gory blast beats and sickening groove.

Aborted combine four key elements on Maniacult, and do so rather well; brutality, groove, technicality, and atmosphere. Each of these are key aspects of the Aborted experience, although obviously certain ones are found more often in their music than others. Across the 11 songs on this album all aspects get their chance to shine, and all are well worth the time spent on them.

This is a great collection of brutally catchy songs. The band’s ability to craft music that mixes macabre atmosphere with crushing heaviness, sinister melody, and fiery solos is a joy to listen to. There are various creative ideas thrown into this album that are new areas of exploration for the band. Some of the atmospheric ones in particular are striking and well-incorporated into the band’s core sound. Portal to Depravity is a great example of this, with its atmospheric middle section that’s really affectingly done.

The vocals of Aborted’s superlative singer sound better than ever on Maniacult. His range of screams, growls, and shouts continues to be formidable, and he tries a few different things with his voice here and there too, all successfully.

All of the above is seamlessly merged into the band’s high quality songwriting to produce a death metal masterclass in engaging brutality. There is so much here to enjoy, and all of the songs have their own characters and features. As a result of the band’s efforts Maniacult features some of the strongest Aborted songs they’ve penned.

Don’t miss out on a great example of death metal masters in their element. Maniacult is an album to get you moving.

Essential listening for death metal fans everywhere.

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