Tchornobog/Abyssal – Split (Review)

Tchornobog Abyssal - SplitThis is a split release between US black/doom solo act Tchornobog and UK black/death band Abyssal.

It’s been five long years since Tchornobog’s 2017 self-titled monster, which I really, really liked. Well, the artist has now returned, alongside a host of collaborators, with a single 24-minute track called The Vomiting Choir.

This new song is a descent into the madness of sprawling black/death/doom metal misery and chaos. The promo blurb mentions Deathspell Omega, The Ruins of Beverast, and Ulcerate, all of which are relevant, yet also not, as The Vomiting Choir has a harrowing darkness all of its own. The song has a clarity of expression and delivery that separates it from the past Tchornobog material, while still stylistically stalking similar ground. I guess what I’m ultimately trying to say is that this new song sounds great, and I absolutely cannot wait for a new album from this talented artist.

When I initially saw this split appear, my eye was immediate drawn to the fact that Tchornobog had new music. After this, I then noticed that the other side of the split was delivered by the very well-regarded Abyssal, who we have previously encountered very favourably on their split with Carcinoma. Abyssal’s contribution to this split is the 24-minute Antechamber of the Wakeless Mind.

Abyssal’s song complements Tchornobog’s perfectly, as the two were written with each other material in mind. The music runs foul with underground malevolence and grim atmospheric horror. Dissonant ugliness and menacing brutality are around every terrifying corner, and the listener does well to emerge alive at the end of the song’s life-draining running time. Once again, Abyssal have impressed.

This is a top quality split release between two bands that rule over this realm of musical Hell with fists of solid iron. Long may they reign.

Very highly recommended for underground connoisseurs.


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