Siberian Hell Sounds/Convulsing – Split (Review)

Siberian Hell Sounds ConvulsingSiberian Hell Sounds and Convulsing are both non-standard black metal groups from Australia and they have teamed up on this split release.

I enjoyed Siberian Hell Sounds’ last EP Svengali, so it’s great to hear some new material from them. Svengali contained five tracks and lasted under 18 minutes in total, so when I saw that their side of this split contained just one 20-minute song, I knew I had to make listening to it a priority.

The song in question – The Breath of the Beast – is a raging torrent of intensity and blackened hatred. It’s certainly not without subtlety or nuance when it wants to be, but the primary motivator behind this music has to be a love of chaos and destruction, surely.

Needle-thin screams give the impression of something dangerous and lethal running the show, while the furious assault of the music will have you running for cover as the song unfolds into its dark, malevolent structure.

This is intense, modern black metal that merges blackened brutality and grim, dissonant atmospheric venom with equal skill. Violent and oppressive, this is the best material I’ve heard from Siberian Hell Sounds so far; I really can’t recommend this highly enough.

Convulsing is a solo project that I haven’t encountered before; based on this split it seems I’ve been missing out.

Much like Siberian Hell Sounds, Convulsing also contribute a single track to this release. Engraved upon Bleached Bone lasts 21 minutes, and is a grim treasure trove of nightmare horrorscapes and terrifying atmospheres.

Furiously intense, with dark dissonant savagery, Convulsing’s black metal is mixed with a death metal influence that ramps up the devastating effect the song has. The music occasionally slows to deliver some eerily effective atmospheric sections too, which are always well-received.

The above is punctuated by moments of reflection and unnerving calm, which mainly serve to accentuate the rest of the murky violence when it explodes out of the speakers once more.

Both of these bands have produced some hugely impressive and compelling music on this split. Make no mistake; this release is a big deal, and I strongly suggest that you get hold of it.

Very highly recommended.

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