ILLT – Urhat (Review)

ILLT - UrhatThis is the debut album from one-man Norwegian blackened extreme metal project ILLT.

This solo act is rounded out by session musicians from such notable bands as Megadeth, Soilwork, Nile, and Chrome Division. There’s 36 minutes of material on Urhat containing a modern blackened mix of death metal, thrash, hardcore, and splashes of doom and hard rock. Continue reading “ILLT – Urhat (Review)”

Void Vator – Great Fear Rising (Review)

Void Vator - Great Fear RisingThis is the debut album from Void Vator, a heavy metal band from the US.

Great Fear Rising is a modern take on a very old style. Void Vator play old-school heavy metal; it’s presented with a modern recording and delivery, but this is  mainly a product of the 80s, make no mistake. Continue reading “Void Vator – Great Fear Rising (Review)”

Eugenic Death – Under the Knife (Review)

Eugenic Death - Under the KnifeEugenic Death are a thrash metal band from the US and this is their second album.

Here we have 40 minutes of uncompromising old-school thrash metal. Prepare to bang your head furiously. Continue reading “Eugenic Death – Under the Knife (Review)”

Skeletonwitch – Devouring Radiant Light (Review)

SkeletonwitchThis is the sixth album from Skeletonwitch, a blackened metal band from the US.

Well, this is not what I was expecting to hear from Skeletonwitch. I confess that I’ve only ever really heard a small amount of the band’s prior material, and what I did hear was kind of a thrash/melodic metal affair, from what I recall. I approached this Continue reading “Skeletonwitch – Devouring Radiant Light (Review)”

Savage Messiah – Hands of Fate (Review)

Savage MessiahThis is the fourth album from UK metal band Savage Messiah.

Savage Messiah specialise in modern melodic metal, while combining elements of both old and new into their sound. Hands of Fate contains over 45 minutes of this anthemic, personable metal. Continue reading “Savage Messiah – Hands of Fate (Review)”

Ice Age – Breaking the Ice (Review)

Ice AgeIce Age are a Swedish thrash metal band and this is their debut album.

This is old-school thrash metal, with some elements of power metal thrown in for good luck. Having said that, with songs as strong as the ones on Breaking the Ice, luck is not required here. Continue reading “Ice Age – Breaking the Ice (Review)”

Bent Sea/To Dust – Ascend/Descend – Split (Review)

Bent SeaThis is a split release between Bent Sea and To Dust, both of which play grindcore and both of which feature a plethora of members/ex-members of bands such as Aborted, Megadeth, Soilwork, Napalm Death, (Bent Sea), and Abigail Williams, Vintage Warlords, Humanity Is Cancer, Grave Plague, Fountain of Piss, Severed Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder and Phobia, (To Dust).

Phew. As you can see, there’s a lot of experience here.

The first half of the split is provided by Bent Sea, who give us almost 10 minutes of state-of-the-art ferocity. Continue reading “Bent Sea/To Dust – Ascend/Descend – Split (Review)”

Repulsor – Trapped in a Nightmare (Review)

RepulsorRepulsor are from Poland and play Thrash Metal. This is their début EP.

This EP is a little over 21 minutes long and Repulsor make every second count. This is high speed, high aggression Thrash.

A good sound means that the band make the most of the time given to impress. This is Old-School Thrash Metal that would have been comfortably at home in the 80’s.

Megadeth are the most obvious reference point, although splashes of Testament and Exodus are also to be heard.

The band play the music well and the tracks are nicely written. The guitars are a particular high point and there are some tasty riffs thrown out, especially on R.M.D.H.

I still feel kind of saturated on Thrash Metal at the moment, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this; Repulsor have enough talent to be eminently listenable and Trapped in a Nightmare is anything but nightmarish.

Overall, I’d say good work. A nice sound, good solos and some catchy songs mean Repulsor are welcome to visit any time they like. Good band logo too.

Give them a listen.

Untimely Demise – Systematic Eradication (Review)

Untimely DemiseUntimely Demise are a Canadian Thrash Metal band and this is their second album.

Straight from the go we’re into high octane Thrash territory with solos shredding and drums clanging. Technical riffing and rasped vocals lead the way while the rest of the music rips things up.

Musically this is Thrash Metal with a Megadeth/Testament/Death/Arch Enemy flavour. Extremely competent and played with feeling, Untimely Demise show from the off that they have talent.

The singer mainly uses a harsh rasp, but also uses some rougher semi-cleans that shows he’s capable of depth. It adds texture to the impressive playing of the rest of the band. A cross between Death and Arch Enemy, it fits the music well.

The band avoid the issues of the over-saturated Retro-Thrash scene by just being themselves and adding some harsher/technical/more European elements to their sound. It’s honest, direct and more worthwhile than 100 Retro bands trying to recapture old glories without any real feeling. Untimely Demise have come to show them how it should be done; a nod to the past, a spotlight on the present and a battle-plan for the future.

Unscarred – Fake Democracy (Review)

UnscarredFrench group Unscarred play Thrash Metal the way it was meant to be – catchy and crunchy.

Apparently this is a demo, but it sounds good enough to be their first ‘proper’ release if you ask me. Everything is recorded clearly and all of the instruments shine through, (yes, even the bass).

The band play Thrash Metal with a nod to both Old and New-Schools. To me they come across as a mixture of Annihilator, Anthrax, Lamb of God and Megadeth; all about the songs and riffs.

The singer has an exceptional set of lungs, I could listen to her all day. She has a varied approach using the full spectrum from rougher shouts all the way to much higher cleans. The shouts are okay, but her cleans are exceptional as she has a really powerful voice full of character and strength. Lay this over some razor-sharp Thrash music and throw in some good catchy hooks and you have a very memorable set of songs.

When it’s done well Thrash Metal is one of my favourite genres as you can just get caught up in it and before you know what you’re doing you’re bouncing around throwing obscene shapes and playing the invisible guitar. At least that’s what I hear. I’ve never done anything as unseemly as that of course. Honest. Moving on…

A really enjoyable release, especially for a demo. If the band can build on this for a whole album, and just clean up some of the small niggles in their sound then their next release should be fantastic. Here’s hoping for a bright 2014 for them.

Favourite Track: 100 Lashes. Ludicrously catchy, and sticks in your head for days.