Exhumed/Gruesome – Twisted Horror – Split (Review)

Exhumed Gruesome - Twisted Horror - SplitExhumed and Gruesome are both US death metal bands, and they’ve teamed up for this split release.

We start with the bloody Exhumed, a band that are quite legendary in gore metal circles. Here they offer up three new tracks, lasting a total of 10 minutes. The three songs are savage and nasty, ably showcasing the band’s adapt mastery over both brutality and catchiness.

Rot Your Brains is classic Exhumed, adopting more of a melodic approach than the band’s last album did. Buried to Die follows suit, and is a real face ripper, all serrated hooks and rusty blades. The final song – Dead, Deader, Deadest – seals the deal, closing the Exhumed side of this split in blood thirsty style. There’s no room for doubt – Exhumed have produced a three-track scorcher here.

Gruesome is a Death-inspired/obsessed side project of the main guy behind Exhumed, and on this split gives us two tracks clocking in at 10 minutes in total.

A Mind Decayed is full of old-school riffs from the Leprosy/Spiritual Healing era of Death. Gruesome know exactly what they are doing with this sort if material, and this song is a corker. I hear some Obituary in this too, which is no bad thing. Led into the Dark continues in the same vein and ends things in fine Deathly style.

This is an extremely top quality split release, with both bands’ contributions well worth the entry fee. If you’re a death metal fan, this should be high on your list of priorities.

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