Ice Age – Breaking the Ice (Review)

Ice AgeIce Age are a Swedish thrash metal band and this is their debut album.

This is old-school thrash metal, with some elements of power metal thrown in for good luck. Having said that, with songs as strong as the ones on Breaking the Ice, luck is not required here.

This is a band that originally formed way back in 1985, so they have more authenticity than most when it comes to this kind of thing. Mixing old and new songs together, the end result is an album that flows easily and is extremely enjoyable. If you have a taste for the (g)olden days of metal then you must check this out.

Ice Age give us 47 minutes of melodic thrash metal, combining elements of Megadeth and Metallica with the band’s own significant personality and creative identity. The songs are well-written and ooze hooks, catchiness, and charm.

The band have an old-school appreciation for song arrangement and compositional structure, as well as for classic songs that’ll stick in your head for days on end. All of the instruments are performed well, with a wide selection of very enjoyable riffs and driving drums. I enjoy a good solo and there enough here to satisfy.

I really like the singer’s voice. She also has a very interesting quality to it that I can’t quite properly identify. Essentially it’s kind of, I suppose, an understated power of sorts. She certainly has overt strength and force in her singing, but has a certain fragility and delicacy at the core of her delivery that drives things forward and sounds quite endearing. Hmm, I’m not sure I’m describing it right. Regardless; she has a great voice, ultimately, and the album is full of memorable choruses and sterling harmonies.

Breaking the Ice may be an extremely overdue release, but now that it’s here it is definitely worth listening to. Very enjoyable, and full of quality songs, Ice Age have impressed and entertained with this album.

Highly recommended.

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