Kill Division – Peace Through Tyranny (Review)

Kill Division - Peace Through TyrannyThis is the debut album from international grindcore band Kill Division.

Kill Division boast current and ex-members of bands such as Aborted, Bent Sea, Gruesome, Inhuman Condition, Malevolent Creation, Megadeth, Soilwork, and Venom Inc. in their ranks, so you know a lot of experience has gone into this album.

Peace Through Tyranny contains 25 minutes of old-school grindcore, and it absolutely slays. Across eleven tracks, (including a Terrorizer cover), Kill Division furiously destroy the opposition with explosive power.

Peace Through Tyranny blasts out ferocious grind with punk energy. It’s in the style of Terrorizer and Napalm Death, but is delivered with its own personality that more than makes it worth listening to in its own right.

This is some tasty stuff. It’s fast and brutal, but not without finesse. The band have executed this well-loved form of grind with skill and passion, and the songs have been crafted with the same care and attention to detail.

Kill Division know their grind, and Peace Through Tyranny demonstrates their considerable prowess in this arena in no uncertain terms. The songs are short and aggressive, combining blasting mayhem with mid-paced carnage, and impassioned d-beats. The songwriting is on point, and this is a very engaging and enjoyable collection of ragers. Brutal these tracks may be, but they’re also catchy and memorable too.

I also love the singer’s voice, ever since hearing him on Malevolent Creation’s 2002 album The Will to Kill. It’s great to hear his charismatic roaring growls once more and he does a great job on this release.

Peace Through Tyranny is such an enjoyable album to listen to. It’s old-school in that endlessly satisfying way that sounds timeless.

For fans of old-school grindcore, this is essential.

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