Void Vator – Great Fear Rising (Review)

Void Vator - Great Fear RisingThis is the debut album from Void Vator, a heavy metal band from the US.

Great Fear Rising is a modern take on a very old style. Void Vator play old-school heavy metal; it’s presented with a modern recording and delivery, but this is  mainly a product of the 80s, make no mistake. Across 33 minutes Void Vator succeed in spreading the gospel of heavy metal, and they do it with style. If Great Fear Rising doesn’t get you banging your head and raising your your fists to the sky then nothing will.

The music channels the essence of song-focused heavy metal, with a pinch of thrash and hard rock to add flavour. From the 80s you can hear the Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Metallica, Van Halen, Anthrax, and Megadeth influences, while more recent bands like Power Trip  and Enforcer can be heard in Void Vator’s sound too in places. The end result is a very strong album that’s certainly learned from the past, but is not entirely restricted to it.

The songs are constructed with riffs and choruses in mind. The band sound like they’re having a blast, and that rubs off on the music. These songs have an energy to them that’s undeniable. The music is instantly memorable and festooned with hooks. The album has immense easy replay value, and overall it boasts a great collection of tracks. Void Vator know how to write a kicking tune.

If you’re in the market for some modern heavy metal with an old-school heart and a thrash metal edge, then look no further than Great Fear Rising. Void Vator are doing a lot right on their debut album.

Very highly recommended.

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