Sissy Spacek – Ways of Confusion (Review)

Sissy SpacekSissy Spacek are a grindcore band from the US and this is, apparently, their 30th album(!).

Holy crap this is intense. 39 tracks in a scant 15 minutes? Blood Hell. Continue reading “Sissy Spacek – Ways of Confusion (Review)”

Agathocles/Psychoneurosis – War Fetisjists Kill/Grind Resurrection – Split (Review)

AgathoclesThis is a split between two grindcore bands, Agathocles from Belgium and Psychoneurosis from Poland.

The Agathocles side – War Fetisjists Kill – contains 5 songs and lasts 6 minutes. Continue reading “Agathocles/Psychoneurosis – War Fetisjists Kill/Grind Resurrection – Split (Review)”

Department of Correction/Proletar – Split (Review)

Department of Correction ProletarDepartment of Correction are from France and Proletar are from Indonesia. They’ve teamed up for this 16 track, 19 minute split.

I like Department of Correction, and this split does nothing to change that fact. Their side consists of 10 songs over 8 minutes.

Department of Correction play their Grindcore songs fast, short and brutal. For such short tracks, they’re also surprisingly sophisticated and interesting. Buzzing, razor-sharp guitars tread that fine line between Metal brutality and Punk energy, while the vocals scream, growl and even dementedly sing their way through the mayhem.

The tracks have an intense dynamic to them and include a rare amount of grinding melody, although that has to be understood in the present context, of course.

Once again the band have impressed. I do so love Grindcore when it’s done exceedingly well and is also different enough not to be yet another generic clone band. Department of Correction prove just how much Grind has to offer and just what can be done with short, aggressive songs; if you’re left with any doubt at all – it’s a lot.

Very nice.

After that impressive 8 minutes, it’s on to Proletar. These are new to me, and their side of the split consists of 6 songs over 11 minutes, including an Agathocles cover.

With longer songs on average than Department of Correction, Proletar play a more traditional Grindcore with deep growling Deathgrunts interspersed with rabid, savage screams.

This is primitive, ugly Grindcore that brutally espouses the genre forefathers with an old-school delivery and a suitably energetic performance.

It’s a good pairing of bands as in some ways this can be viewed as a showcase for the past and future of the genre, with Proletar demonstrating the classic Grind style and Department of Correction showing where it can be taken in the future.

As Grindcore splits go, this is a great listen. Check it out.

Archagathus – Dehumanizer (Review)

ArchagathusArchagathus are from Canada and play Grindcore. This is their 4th album.

Mincecore. Move over Agathocles. Dirty. Horrible. Ugly.

Archagathus are here.

Punk vehemence with Grinding fury. 20 tracks in 21 minutes. Blunt and to the point, this is a release that vomits out of the speakers and into your home, befouling everything with its very existence before it even hits your tender ears.

The production is as grim as the riffs and the vocals are as putrid as a rotten beaver. In the context of Grindcore though this is all complimentary and Archagathus spend their time being energetic and vigorous.

These are lively tracks that have a certain character about them – this is not faceless Grind-by-numbers; this is Punk violence and realised extremity.

What can you say about an album like this? You either like this kind of stuff or you don’t.

I do. Bring on the mince.