The Last Ten Seconds of Life – The Last Ten Seconds of Life (Review)

The Last Ten Seconds of LifeThe Last Ten Seconds of Life are a US deathcore band, this is their fifth album.

I last heard The Last Ten Seconds of Life on their 2016 album The Violent Sound, which was an enjoyable excursion into rowdy metal waters. On their latest album the band have taken a slight step back with their their hybrid sound; it’s still part-deathcore, part nu-metal, part hardcore, and Continue reading “The Last Ten Seconds of Life – The Last Ten Seconds of Life (Review)”

Xibalba – Años en Infierno (Review)

Xibalba - Años en InfiernoXibalba are a death metal/hardcore band from the US and this is their fourth album.

Prepare to be crushed! Both 2015’s Tierra y Libertad and 2017’s Diablo, Con Amor…Adios. did precisely this, and now Años en Infierno has arrived to do the same – crush. CRUSH!!!!! Continue reading “Xibalba – Años en Infierno (Review)”

Earth Caller – Crystal Death (Review)

Earth CallerEarth Caller are an Australian metallic hardcore band and this is their second album.

Earth Caller’s metallic hardcore operates more on the hardcore side of the trenches, but that doesn’t mean that their beefy metallic content should be discarded, however. Continue reading “Earth Caller – Crystal Death (Review)”

Primal Rite – Sensory Link to Pain (Review)

Primal RiteThis is the latest release from US hardcore bruisers Primal Rite.

This is a twisted crossover mix of hardcore and metal, weaving punk and death/thrash influences together into three furiously ugly tracks. Continue reading “Primal Rite – Sensory Link to Pain (Review)”

Xibalba – Diablo, Con Amor… Adios. (Review)

XibalbaXibalba are a US metalcore band and this is their latest EP.

I liked 2015’s Tierra y Libertad, and on this new short EP, Xibalba continue the theme of merging death metal, hardcore and sludge metal influences together to create some monstrously heavy metallic music. Continue reading “Xibalba – Diablo, Con Amor… Adios. (Review)”

Xibalba – Tierra Y Libertad (Review)

XibalbaXibalba are a Death Metal band from the US and this is their third album.

This is heavy, brutal Death Metal that takes Hardcore and Sludge influences to make a monster of an album.

Imagine a Metalcore band that played Death Metal…yes I know that this implies Deathcore, but Xibalba are not a Deathcore band. Xibalba don’t have an easy to categorise sound. Deathcore should cover it, but no; this is a merger of 90’s Hardcore and 90’s Death Metal where Morbid Angel and Madball meet.

Classic Metal songwriting merges with Hardcore fury and Death Metal aggression. These songs really hit the spot for me as they take me back to the mid/late 90’s but translated to the modern day with a crushingly heavy production.

The band’s sound is Hellishly aggressive and recalls lost greats like Merauder and Konkhra if they got their hands on some Obituary and Crowbar riffs.

The vocals are predominantly harsh shouts that straddle the line between Hardcore and Metal, successfully merging the two styles into a vitriolic whole.

Xibalba have a meaty, beefy guitar tone that can squash a tank at 1000 metres. The punishing music perfectly captures the feeling of rolling demolition and hate-fuelled terror. Little snatches of melody appear merely to offset the heavy rhythms so that when these moments of light disappear again the riffs sound even louder and heavier than ever before.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Shin To Shin – Shin To Shin (Review)

Shin To ShinComing from the US this is a Metal/Hardcore release with lots of muscle and attitude. I hesitate to call this Metalcore as that brings up negative associations for many; this is of the original Old-School Metal/Hardcore crossover period.

The guitars are heavy and want you to know this. They destroy everything in their path with a certainty born of experience.

The vocals are gruff shouts and speak of a singer who is at home on the rough side of things.

The songs are generally short, with an Old-School Hardcore belligerence filling every second with attitude and confidence. The Metal influence is not found wanting either though, with the aforementioned guitars being thick and beefy and the occasional solo played well.

I haven’t heard an album of this style for a while. Reminding of a band like Madball only with more of a Metallic edge; this is an enjoyable 22 minutes that’s best spent in the pit followed by a nice lie down to recover.

Lycanthrophy – Lycanthrophy (Review)

LycanthropyGrindcore! Pure, unadulterated, no-frills grindcore.

The guitars have a very punk/hardcore feeling to most of the riffs and this is just a joy as it almost feels like a band such as Madball have gone all grind – an aural beating but one where you ask for more. The drums are a relentless battering when going all-out, but also know when to hold back and provide a just a back-bone to the music and supply the groove for the punky riffs.

The vocals alternate between shouting (essentially) and screams. Basic but performed well; it fits the music perfectly.

There’s no great mystery or secret to this style of music – you either like it or you don’t. Me? I like grindcore. I especially like grind that’s done well. This is grind that hits the spot perfectly. Simple, stripped-down and rabid. 17 minutes, 20 tracks, perfection.

If you like grind you should get this. It really is that straightforward.