Pathology – The Everlasting Plague (Review)

Pathology - The Everlasting PlagueThis is the eleventh album from US death metallers Pathology.

Both 2017’s Pathology and 2019’s Reborn to Kill were brutally fun records to listen to. What of The Everlasting Plague?

Unexpectedly lengthy, (relatively speaking), at 41 minutes in duration, The Everlasting Plague nonetheless contains the kind of brutally nasty fun that we’ve come to expect from Pathology. However, this isn’t business as usual for the band, as amidst the brutality and harsh aggression is a newfound sense of both melody and atmosphere. Largely leaving behind their slam roots for a more modern death metal feel, these new songs will still tear your face off, but they do so with increased sophistication.

The songs are well-written and boast many catchy hooks that want to tear deep into your flesh. The deep guttural growls of the vocalist are perfect for this sort of thing, grounding even the more extravagant musical parts with a core of ugly brutality that is great to hear. The guitars are extra crunchy on The Everlasting Plague, and the heavy riffs make the most of this to crush and rend flesh. When the melodic leads and solos appear, they’re bright and colourful. Infused with emotive presence to a level you wouldn’t associate with this sort of death metal, these are frequently striking and joyous to experience. When combined with the more atmospheric sections it’s truly a force to be reckoned with. Of course, the thunderingly brutal parts are pretty damn good too.

The Everlasting Plague is a great next step for Pathology, and a development in their sound that works very well. Ultimately this new album is very enjoyable to listen to, and really gets the blood pumping. Pathology know death metal, and after conquering the slam and brutal death metal worlds, they now set their sights on the modern death metal killing pits. A new champion has just entered the arena.

Brutally good fun.

Very highly recommended.

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