Wormwitch – Heaven That Dwells Within (Review)

Wormwitch - Heaven That Dwells WithinWormwitch are a Canadian black metal band and this is their second album.

Heaven That Dwells Within features 46 minutes of black metal that’s accessible, catchy, and memorable, while still retaining underground aesthetics, dark atmospheres, and grim intent.

The band’s music takes a classic black metal base and adds to it with elements of thrash and crust, as well as a touch of death metal here and there. All of this is delivered with a melodic sensibility and songwriting skill that instantly marks the band out as a potential big player in the world of melodic, song-based black metal. These tracks mix melodic nous and atmospheric clout with instant-appeal adrenaline-charged riffs and energetic deliveries. The end result is songs that simultaneously benefit from both style and substance, and the entire album is easily absorbed and leaves you wanting more.

Vocally we get traditionally blackened rasps that are infused with just the right amount of emotive aggression, as well as the occasional other variant that appears infrequently, (such as death growls, or ethereal clean singing). All are performed very well.

The production values on this album are high, and are perfectly judged for this type of music; clear and crisp, while also providing the darkened environment where the band’s gritty and earthy blackened songs shine.

Highly enjoyable and extremely moreish, Heaven That Dwells Within is likely to make big waves for Wormwitch. Very highly recommended.

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