Kreator – Hate Über Alles (Review)

Kreator - Hate Über AllesThis is the fifteenth album from legendary German thrash metal band Kreator.

Five long years have passed since 2017’s Gods of Violence. Are you ready for a new Kreator album after all that time? Of course you are. Containing 46 minutes of new material, Hate Über Alles showcases the band as we love them – passionate, melodic, and full of fiery molten metal heaviness.

Kreator know how to write this sort of music, and they do so with consummate skill, professionalism, and a level of passion that very few bands who each their fifteenth album display. Hate Über Alles is packed with metallic anthems that prove, once again, if such a thing were further needed, that Kreator are pretty much untouchable when it comes to thrash metal.

The songs on Hate Über Alles are filled with hooks and the sort of catchiness that lesser bands would kill for. Whether it’s high speed thrashing or mid-paced heaviness, Kreator’s songs pack a significant punch.

Largely combining the band’s modern intensity with melodic might, Hate Über Alles finds Kreator in fine fettle. Not only that, but they have thrown a few different ideas into the mix too. Whether it’s the guest female vocals on Midnight Sun or the epic progressive nature of closer Dying Planet, the band are clearly happy to push themselves despite not really needing to.

Hate Über Alles is another quality addition to a ridiculously strong discography. If you’re a fan of the band then this is not to be missed.

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