Goatwhore – Angels Hung from the Arches of Heaven (Review)

Goatwhore - Angels Hung from the Arches of HeavenThis is the eighth album from US black metallers Goatwhore.

Playing an unholy mix of black, death, and thrash metal, Goatwhore are a band that I always enjoy. The band’s last couple of albums were very enjoyable slabs of venomous ugliness, (2014’s Constricting Rage of the Merciless and 2017’s Vengeful Ascension), so it’s great to have some new material from the band after so many years. Continue reading “Goatwhore – Angels Hung from the Arches of Heaven (Review)”

Sepulchre by the Sea – Ratiocinations (Review)

Sepulchre by the Sea - RatiocinationsThis is the latest EP from one-man UK post-black metal band Sepulchre by the Sea.

This is the follow up to 2020’s striking Conqueror Worm, which I really liked.

This EP provides us with 26 minutes of new material. The style is a mix of old and new, Continue reading “Sepulchre by the Sea – Ratiocinations (Review)”

European Annihilation Summer Tour – Dying Fetus/Carnifex/Toxic Holocaust/Goatwhore – Manchester Club Academy, 14/08/18 (Live Review)

Dying Fetus Header

Well, what a lineup. Even though the formidable Venom Prison were forced to pull out of the show, that still leaves us with four extreme metal bands that are each draws in their own right. It’s a diverse bill, one that I couldn’t afford to miss. Bring on the METAL! Continue reading “European Annihilation Summer Tour – Dying Fetus/Carnifex/Toxic Holocaust/Goatwhore – Manchester Club Academy, 14/08/18 (Live Review)”

Interview with Goatwhore

Goatwhore Logo

After two decades of existence extreme metallers Goatwhore show no sign of wear and tear as they’ve just released what’s possibly their best and most well-rounded album to date – Vengeful Ascension. If you haven’t heard it yet then I strongly urge you to check it out as it’s quite the corker.

Drummer Zack Simmons talked to us a bit about the new album… Continue reading “Interview with Goatwhore”

Goatwhore – Vengeful Ascension (Review)

GoatwhoreGoatwhore are a black/death metal band from the US and this is their seventh album.

Not only is this a band with just an amazing name, but ever since they first coalesced into existence around members of stunning personal favourites Soilent Green and Acid Bath, I’ve always had an incredible soft spot for Goatwhore. Continue reading “Goatwhore – Vengeful Ascension (Review)”

Goatwhore – Constricting Rage of the Merciless (Review)

GoatwhoreThis is the latest album from US Black Metallers Goatwhore.

A new Goatwhore album is always something to be excited about. They may be loosely Black Metal, but they actually combine that with elements of Death and Thrash Metal to create something distinctly Goatwhore.

10 songs in 37 minutes; short, catchy and so very Metal. All the familiar ingredients are here – great sound, poisonous riffs, relentless drums, characterful vocals, dynamic and exciting writing…I could go on but won’t.

Each song takes elements of the aforementioned genres and mashes them together to create a collection of dark wonders. This also means that the album is surprisingly varied within the genre it inhabits; riffs and ideas from all manner of guitar-based styles are crushed up, swallowed and regurgitated as prime Goatwhore-stamped meat.

The grim riffing and fast drumming never cease to be inspired and despite the overall extremity of the release it has lots of hooks to grab your attention and help make the songs memorable.

Goatwhore have shown once again why they are in a league of their own and why very few bands even come close to touching them in terms of sheer quality of songs and passion of purpose.

My advice? Get this. Get this now.

Hiss From The Moat – Misanthropy (Review)

Hiss From The MoatHiss From The Moat play a modern brand of Blackened Death Metal.

After a perfunctory intro we’re straight into the action with Conquering Christianity which is full of solid blasting and evil mayhem. If you think of a band like Goatwhore and have them take their cues from the New-School rather than the Old-School you’ll be in the right ball-park for Hiss From The Moat.

Deep, guttural vocals and higher rasps steer the songs towards their logical conclusions, while well-played, hyperspeed drums anchor everything and allow the guitars to concentrate on the ultra-brutality or blackened rhythms, depending on how the mood takes them. Additional orchestration heightens the atmosphere in select places, and is strategically used for surgical strikes rather than mass slaughter.

Depth and carnage are the watchwords, for the songs stick around long after they have stopped playing, filling you with the urge to experience their nihilistic bludgeoning once more.

The riffs seem to flow like pulsating tar through veins of blackened darkness and spewed out into the unsuspecting light to corrupt and infect everything they touch. The songs offer nothing but hatred and want nothing in return but your demise. Misanthropy in more than just title.

The album is 30 minutes of extremity wrapped in malevolence and served up by a talented group of individuals and guests who know how they like their Extreme Metal, and I heartily agree with their obvious good taste.

Top marks for a top band. More please.